Dress Code

Expectations of Attire

CSAS does not require students to wear a school uniform unlike
most Hamilton County schools. Instead, CSAS has expectations
of attire and it is the student’s responsibility to adhere to these

  • Students may not have headphone/earbuds during the school day unless instructed by a teacher
  • Students may not wear the following types of shirts: sleeveless, muscle, spaghetti straps, strapless, low-cut or too short
  • Students may not show their midriff
  • Students may not wear shirts with graphics, expressions, and/or content that would be inappropriate for school
  • There should be no undergarments showing
  • Pajama bottoms may not be worn as pants
  • Leggings may be worn as long as they are not sheer and the shirt or dress is long enough to cover the student fully over the buttocks and groin areas
  • Pants and shorts should not sag
  • Pants and shorts may not have holes, tears, etc... in the upper thigh, groin, or buttocks area
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be an appropriate length for school
  • No house slippers or socks may be worn as shoes
  • Hats may be worn in the building on Fridays. However, the hat may not cover students ears. 
  • Blankets may not be worn at any time in the school building. They must be put in a students bag or locker upon entering the building.
The administration reserves the right to make adjustments to these dress expectations when needed. 
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